Supercapacitor failure – Alufoil decomposed

Well, this is a followup onto the supercap experiment.

I wanted to replicate, what Robert Murray Smith has done recently with his MegaFarad cap,

but I failed. I guess I did a few things wrong.
1. I did not wash down the NaCO3 washing soda from the surface, so there was left a residue of it on the alufoil.
2. I did not cover the whole alufoil with graphite ink, so the alufoil still had contact to the saltwater solution.
3. I used a too much wet soaked toilet paper as the diaphragma
between the alufoil electrodes, so the saltwater also went directly onto the alufoils and not just only into the graphite.
4. I applied too high voltage to charge, so it gased and probably produced also HCL acid which decomposed the one alufoil at the plus-pole.

So next time I have to do this differently.
I have to use more graphite ink, so the whole alufoil
surface must be covered and no alufoil will be uncovered,
so only the graphite will have contact to the saltwater soaked
toilet paper.
Also I have to use a binder for the graphite that is saltwaterproof,
as the graphite went off from the alufoil and went into the toiletpaper, so I have to use Acrylic binder, which this ink from Robert probably did not have..
So we have to make sure the graphite stays on the contact metal, in this case the aluminiumfoil..
Maybe saltwater is also not the optimal electrolyte for this, as it will also decompose the alufoil sooner or later.. so maybe just tell me some other electrolytes, that you think will be better, but are also easy to selfmade… please no expensive stuff, that you can only order from chemical companies. I prefer to use stuff from the supermarket or builders stores…
Many thanks.
Regards, Stefan.
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