Amazing 1800’s 8 Song Music Box, Lets Look At The Mechanics! G. Baker-Troll & Co.

Amazing1800’s music box, Lets Look At The Mechanics!

This music box i was asked to fix, it was a simple screw that needed adjustment. all is well now, and i was able to have a chance to share it with you. enjoy.

I stated that there was 7 songs but there are 8, 🙂

I mean how do you make such a thing in 1880-90 ? crazy

~Russ Gries

PS. No i don’t get to keep it 🙂
Harpe Harmonique Piccolo musical box by Geo. Baker & Co.Geo. Baker & Co. late G. Baker-Troll & Co.

Large Antique Swiss 8 Tune Zither Cylinder Music Box by George Baker Troll & Co Geneva

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