MMG – desklamp powered motor, no battery, no solar

Based on Lidmotors great video of a couple of days ago, the MMG is an exercise in understanding micro wattage power sources, for powering a motor.

Here is Lidmotors video, containing the circuit diagram:

The diode, a germanium, connects to the Collector of the transistor and a 0.1uF (‘104’) ceramic capacitor connects in series to the Positive supply.
Doing this brought down the motor current usage from approx 40uA to 25uA at 1.4V
Running at 1V, the usage is 10.3uA.

The scavenging circuit can be found at this website:
Many thanks to Grumage on the OUR Forum for the link to that diagram.
Speaking of which, there is an active discussion on such high ohm motors over at my ‘Bench’ on the website.

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