Misc Demos: Scanning a Magnet Stack with a Ratiometric Hall Effect Sensor

Allegro A3503 ratiometric Hall effect sensor, and a stack of 6 NdBFe disk magnets, N52

The sensor is mostly held PERPENDICULAR to the long axis of the stack in this demo. In this configuration, there is no “dip” or “peanut waist” detected; the sensor’s output remains nearly constant in the central portion of the magnet stack, and with care, one can even map from pole surface, through the “curl”, along the side, through the other “curl” and onto the other pole surface with nearly the same flux density detected by holding the Hall sensor PLANE strictly perpendicular to the imagined field lines the whole way.
No evidence for a “peanut waist” or central Bloch Wall in flux line direction is found.

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