#1:Successful Replication of "Polymagnets" At Home, The DYI CMR "programed" magnets

Making Correlated Magnetics Research’s programmable Polymagnets At Home.

#1:Successful Replication of “Polymagnets” At Home, The DYI CMR “programed” magnets

after along wait from my good friend Jason Verbelli, I was finally able to make a replication of the CMR “polymagnets” using nothing but a make shift home maid magnetiser. and old equipment.

yes i only got one pixel done and there is a lot more to do. And this is patented technology, but i’m just proving that a lot of “complex” things can be done with enough effort, at home in the “LAB”

Please see my full post on this over at my Site:


more to come. will see how much time avails

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