Merry Christmas from The Wireless Town

Christmas wishes from The Wireless Town (and me!).

A fun wireless electricity diorama.
The idea, is a diorama showcase system.
Using low powered wireless electricity emitting from the base, in this case 2ft long, objects with lights, motors and circuitry can be placed anywhere.
USB powered (PC, laptop, cellphone charger) a lot of flexibility is provided for the power source, plus demonstrates the low current required for this system.
Whether 1 item is placed on the base or 30, the power used isn’t drawn down or increased. The system will also happily run from 3x AA batteries if wished.

This project has been 18 months in development, with the intention of becoming a commercial product. But, this prototype is all that exists up to now and communications have faltered with the company who were to release it.
Other ideal uses are Halloween, Easter, Nativity, perhaps a car servicing garage diorama. Plus to showcase trophy collections, hobby collections, to light gallery pictures with posable lighting or for movie action scenes.

Our camera is due for replacement and showed too much interference at the ideal lower lighting for the town to really show well, therefore the lighting is a little brighter than wished.
The idea is a simple wish of Merry Christmas to all this holiday season 🙂

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