Alperen Lenzless Generator® [(Lenz’s Law Effectless) (Click & Read)]

TurXator® ve TurXotor® technologies that verifies “Alperen Energy Regeneration Law” in science; Invented and patented by Col. Attila ALPEREN®

TurXotor® & TurXator® Energy:

T® = + [N = – (??/?t)]

Energy Conservation Law says;

Faraday law: N = ??/?t
Lenzs Law: N = – (??/?t)

We agreed that Faraday and Lenzs Laws are correct.

Efficiency ratio;
E = [N = ?? / ?t] / [N = – (?? / ?t)]
E = smaller then 1
We discover and verified with technologies that efficiency ratio is NOT correct.

Verified by Alperen Technologies: T = +[ N = – (?? / ?t)] is the reality…

Alperen Energy Regeneration Law says:
Efficency ratio;
E = N / T
E = { N = ?? / ?t / N = +[- (?? / ?t)] }
E= maybe bigger then 1

Alperen (Lenz’s Law Effectless) Dragless Alternator® prototype; input power: almost 0 Watt, output power 500 Watt. We do measurement from motors input for able to show efficiency. Because we cant measure generators input power from the shaft electrically. Alperen Dragless Alternator® can be drived with very small power motor.
This Generator; automatically changed its own energy production capacity according to driving input power… by doing that; can generate energy with any level wind, etc input driving power capacity…
* With electromagnet / no permenant magnet
* Brushless
* Fully automatic production capacity changing capability

Col. Attila ALPEREN®
Founder & Chairman

The Alperen® Group

Turkiye S. Korea USA

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