PMBO 2014 Entry – Linear Light Engine

My entry for Russ’s Pulse Motor Build Off 2014 competition.
A discovery was made during the initial setting up of this 1.5V motor, in that the reed switch metal contacts have enough mass to return pull on the magnets. It can run without a biasing magnet !

The 3 blue LED’s are being powered by the induction wireless energy of the second winding.
The white LED is being powered by the collapsing energy of the main winding when it switches off.

The bifilar coil measures 6 ohms on the Primary, sufficient to push the drill bit/magnet plunger through the coil.
Protection of the reed switch from the collapsing return voltage is given by the white LED (red at the beginning of the video).

All in all a lot of fun was had building this motor.
The unexpected constant light output, induction lighting and no need for a biasing magnet formed the wish to enter it for the PMBO 2014.

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