Pulse Motors: MescalMotor Piezo Voltage Rise Test

After a slight improvement of the Piezo Impact Generators mounting, made possible by looking at the traces on the oscilloscope, I’m doing a voltage rise test (no load) and then another demonstration of the brilliant lighting of the 2 series LEDs as load.

I’ve been using either “Dry-Lube” or graphite to lubricate the slider shaft. Dry-Lube is a white powder, cleaner than graphite, but graphite works better.

I’m still not happy with the fit of the slider in the bushing, though. The phenolic tube was a perfect fit but naturally a more draggy surface, while the nylon is nice and smooth and hard but is too loose, there is too much slop in the slider’s motion. I’ll have to make yet another coil when I can find a nylon or delrin center bushing that fits better on the mild steel slider shaft.

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