Misc Circuits: Ignition Coil Jacob’s Ladder Demo 2: 24 V to Coil

I simply put another 12 V battery in series with the ignition coil positive supply terminal. This boosts the voltage and the current in the output spark. The mosfet now runs a bit hotter. I probably should reduce the duty cycle, or put some kind of protection like a TVS across the Drain-Source pins. But it’s not too hot and with relatively short power-on runs it should still be OK I think. One should probably also put a switch and fuse in this part of the circuit so that if the mosfet should short the second battery will be taken out by the fuse blowing, or is switched off along with the main power by a double pole switch.
Schematic and other information is at the link given in the first demo video. Thanks for watching… and be careful out there!

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