TWIFE Featuring Ray Jennings on Free Energy Legal Matters — October 23, 2014

After the TWIFEâ„¢ segment, Ray and Sterling talk about 1) Smart Meter legal issues — take back your power; 2) XPrize’s “Forbidden Energy” prize conference call today; 3) bringing conscience clause back to corporations; 4) Sterling’s banishment from all LDS properties.

This Week in Free Energyâ„¢
Lockheed Martin Compact Nuclear Fusion Reactor • Andrea Rossi’s E-Cat Devours Lockheed’s Hypothetical Compact Fusion Reactor • Fast Freddy claims his HHO generator produces 409 LPM • Smart Meter Extortion — Take Back Your Power! • LDS Church bans Sterling Allan from all LDS Properties for peacefully participating in Sunday School

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