Built a SmartWatch

My build of a RetroWatch and a thanks to everyone who has viewed the channel over the last 7 years !

The RetroWatch is a great project, brought forward in this Instructable, by contributor GodsTale:

It’s not got the bells and whistles of the Android Wear or other commercial devices, but you can build it yourself and it works !!!
The basics are, that it’s an Arduino microprocessor powered Bluetooth enabled watch, that can receive messages from a Smartphone, will always show the correct time and can be the basis from which to develop more functionality. Bluetooth on/off, processor Sleep etc are to be a few changes to extend battery life.
Run time on the 130mAh lipo is a few hours…but a thinner lipo would be a good idea for this one. Sits on the arm fine though and isn’t skyscraper tall.

My build:
$0.99 USB 1A Li-Po charger
$4.10 Bluetooth Module
$5.65 OLED screen
Shipping $1.98 – same seller combines all ordered

$3.42 FT232RL PC USB to Arduino board
$3.66 Arduino Pro Mini 3.3.V
$3.49 3.7V 130-240mah Li-Po battery
Shipping Free (the one used is ex R/C aircraft and a couple of years old, but have included for full costings)

$1 old digital watch donor, Dremel’d out
Dollar Tree


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