Troubleshooting and Repair: SpeedRite SB1000 Fence Charger Part 2

I finally got it sorted, I think. I had to take the inductor apart and rewind it. Three times.

I am operating in “after the apocalypse” mode here, fixing anything that’s broke even if a new one is waaaay cheaper than a day of my time costs. Or used to cost, anyway.

The inductor has three windings: a 40 turn primary, a 16 turn trigger winding and a 475 turn secondary of very fine wire. I used #33 wire which seems slightly heavier than what was originally on there. I coated this winding with polyurethane spar varnish while winding it. Then when it was nearly dry I put one layer of high quality masking tape on it, then the triggr winding and the primary windings over that. When I took it apart I paid careful attention to winding starts and finish direction, so that phasing worked out properly when I put it back together.

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