Electro Magnetic Motor

Electro Magnetic Motor based on Nicola Tesla patent 382279.
But not an exact replica.

Four coils on a continius ferrite ring core.
Two opposit coils are connected in serial forming two separate electromagnets. The magnetic poles on the individual coils in one magnet oppses each other, makeing a “virtual pole” in between the coils (due to rotor width = coil length). So each electromagnet can be continusly energized if poles are switched every 180 deg.

An Arduino Mega 2560 is used.
Instead of sliprings, a SparkFun MonsterMoto with two H-bidge drivers is used. Timing for swintching is done by two optical interrupters. They are used in interrupt calls in software to flip poles. Power is controled by PWM via the potentiometer.

Core inner diameter = 104 mm. Rotor is a stack of neodymium magnets with face dimension 1″x2″ against core.

Motor built only for education and experimentation purpose.

Next test sometime in future will be to control the angle where the electromagnet is energized, variable 0-180 degrees instead of fixed 180 degrees. Also run the coils in parallell instead of serial, more power out. And finaly try to decrease the airgap between rotor and coil.

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