TWIFEâ„¢ 9/11/14, featuring Nancy Lazaryan and John Hutchison–Subatomic Dustification

John’s wife, Nancy, brings a fresh perspective to 9/11 that explains how the buildings turned to dust. Has to do with resonance on the subatomic level. And the black ops have been playing with this stuff much longer than John has. Preston Nichols predated John.

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This Week in Free Energyâ„¢
MES50 QMoGen appears to be for sale in Russia • Brillouin ~100x OU • EKA Electric QMoGen in Turkey • 35 kW QMoGen Photo? • Ozbeau1968’s unsuccessful QMoGen attempt • Giant Russian Tesla Tower operational again • Chrysler bought then blocked magnet fuel improvement technology • Advertise with PES Network • CDC Whistleblower Admits Vaccine-Autism Link • United Precious Metals Association Conference

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