Extreme High Voltage: TinselKoil VII First Light, 24VDC, Breakout

Here is the “first light” from TinselKoil VII. This is a small Hybrid coil using a ZVS driver to drive a TV Flyback Transformer which produces the High Voltage for the traditional Spark Gap Tesla Coil second stage.

This is 24 VDC input from two small 12 V SLA batteries. The coil uses a ZVS driver with 2 ea. IRFP260N mosfets, a center-tapped 10 turn custom primary on the flyback, then the output of the flyback goes to the primary tank made of the 9 turn primary coil of about 9 or 10 microHenry and the tank capacitor made of 10 ea. 400 pF 30 kV strontium titanate doorknobs in parallel. The spark gap is an adjustable tubular gap made of 4 pieces of brass tubing. The top capacity is two steel cake pans taped together with metal tape and the sphere is a Chinese exercise chime thing.

The coil isn’t really tuned yet but it’s doing pretty well for a 24 volt input, I think. I designed it using the JavaScript calculator here:

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