CFL Induction – A mains light for wireless

Much more info below —
This idea makes use of the 60Hz emissions from a standard CFL table lamp bulb.
Any CFL can be used, 13W and 23W have been tested with similar output results. Quite possibly it will also work with a fluorescent tube in a similar way.

No transistors are used and no usual transmitter for this wireless electricity system.

The towers are made from former solar garden lights. 2 tubes one on top of the other with a stake between to hold them and a clear piece as the base.

In case of difficulty reading the circuit diagram.
The component values are very flexible, but 1N4148 diodes or faster should be used.
2x ‘103’ 0.01uF ceramic caps
4x 1N4148
2x 10uF electrolytic capacitors.
The Ground wire can connect to either output and the grounding mass should be as large as possible.

A note for Lidmotor if you view this description…indeed the watch circuit is on a stick 🙂

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