Does Plasma Interface with Consciousness? David Puchta and Sterling Allan Explore

On July 31, 2014 at the TeslaTech conference, I went up to David Puchta, who was standing in the back of the lecture hall, enthralled by a plasma light toy. He showed me that as he placed his left and right index finger on the left and right side of the sphere, that there seemed to be a correlation between the dialogue of the speaker and where the plasma went. I tried it, and did notice that there did seem to be some kind of connection.
However, I don’t think his hypothesis holds up in which he says that the plasma goes to the right finger when the speaker is addressing something that is known or understood to the person holding the plasma sphere; and it goes to the left when the speaker is addressing something unfamiliar or confusing.
Overall, it seems that the preponderance is about 50% on both the left and right, overall. However, the timing of when it switches does seem to correspond to the timing of what the speaker is saying, sometimes to the very syllables, as they are uttered.
My hypothesis of what is going on is that the plasma detects the human body’s electrical response to dialogue taking place — similar to a lie detector. This interplay should be characterized and possibly used for metering the same. It could be that this interaction could be fruitful in analysis, diagnosis, and treatment — not to mention entertainment!
A little while later, we shot a video to show this effect.

([ YouTube]; August 9, 2014)
I’ve posted a poll to get your input as to whether you think there is some kind of correlation.

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