Electric OU: Supplement: MicroQEG and the 470volt Receptor

This is just to show the revised Receptor with the FWB of UF4007 diodes and the 470 volt Siemens modem-protector spark gap.
The frame rate of the camera misses a lot of the flashes. It really is flashing at about once per second, continuously.

So… if you need low voltage high current, like for running a motor, from your VARs-to-Real power transverter, I can supply it. If you need high voltage at lower current, I can supply it. I will say it Yet Again:
If you have an electrical input-output device that produces a TRUE OU ratio or COP of greater than 1.3 to 1… I can make it self-loop and run itself, and I don’t care in what form the electrical inputs and outputs are. That is right: I am claiming that I can make any TRUE OU electrical device self run, if its output is greater than 130 percent of its input. Guaranteed. Show me a true 20:1 ratio, and I’ll do it with one hand tied behind my back.

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