Electric OU: MicroQEG Update: DC Out, Motor, Measurements

This is an update, demonstrating what the Big QEG folks have never yet shown: A MOTOR running on the OUTPUT of the MicroQEG through the TKTransverter’s DC output tap.

I also made some better measurements using the non-inductive Ohmite Current Sense Resistor. Those measurements are shown in a scopeshot at the end of the video. Using those new measurements which still show a 72 degree phase angle, I still get a COP of 4.5 to 1.

Come on, FTW QEGgers! You are falling waaaay behind. And August 1 is approaching like a runaway locomotive. It won’t be long now, until James Robitaille shows the world his _self running_ QEG. Will it?

Music is “Raga Scape” by Jingle Punks, from the YT Free Audio Library. Thanks, folks!

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