Convert an AM/FM radio to SW

The idea for this project came from here:
Reception is much better with 20ft of wire as the antenna.
Also I should have said 8MHz in the vid, if 8KHz the guy would have to have been standing next to me lol

A fairly simple modification that allows Short Wave reception on a regular AM radio.
This General Electric pocket radio was bought for $2 at an estate sale and had quite poor AM reception, but really good FM reception.The conversion has been quite easy and very rewarding when SW stations are tuned in.
FM remains unaffected, AM becomes SW. A 2 position switch could be added, to switch in the ends of the wires, selecting AM or SW.

Note – the antenna wire should be 10-20ft not 20 inches….I made a mistake in reading.
The extra has been attached to the end and made a huge improvement 🙂

The other radio shown has picked up ‘Voice of Vietnam’ before now and really got me intrigued with long distance ionosphere bounced radio.
This project is an extension of the wishes to explore radio in such ways.

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