Free Energy Generator – Akula 1 KWatt Selfrunning Free Energy Device Presentation 2
2nd demonstration of the Akula 1 KWatts Selfrunning Free Energy Generator system.
2 German Visitors were at Akula´s (Romans´s) place and tested again in the garden the Akula Free Energy 1 KWatt generator that only needs a ground cable to operate. No Fuel just a ground cable to capture free electrons from the ground.
Unfortuantely this video was filmed by 90 degrees rotated so the frame size when corrected is pretty small.. Just watch it please in Fullscreen.

I added an English translation Caption to the video, so you have to press CC Caption button at the right lower border of the video to see the English language subtitles translations..
On the Android Youtube APP you need to press the 3 dots at the upper right side of the video screen and then press the CC icon to see the subtitles..

Well Roman ( Akula ) will be in Germany in July and I hope to meet him then.
Looking forward to report more about this great device.
Many thanks to Roman and the German visitors for making this video publically available via my channel.

Regards, Stefan.

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