Pulse Motors: TK MiniPulse III: Reed Switch Driver, Lights NE-2

I discovered that the little reed relay will respond well to the external magnets, so there’s no need to tear one apart. After some “process of discovery” fiddling about, I finally found the sweet spot for positioning of the reed switch and the biasing magnet.

The circuit is now as basic as it can get: Power source positive, reed switch, motor coils, back to power source negative, all in series. From the switch end of the coil, the anode of the superfast siphoning diode, cathode to capacitor, other end of cap to the negative rail. Neon across the capacitor.
A 33 pF, 500 V ceramic cap across the reed contacts seems to prevent them from burning/welding. At least I haven’t had any failure since I installed it.

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