Linear Regulator Amp, Audio

The Linear Amplifiers used in this device are no longer in production as we had to do them discreetly in the beginning. The Solar Tracker 5 is just one of the many offshoots of the technology in amplifiers.
Technology has advanced in how current feedback works in this type of device works
The Video shows that with the correct arrangement with linear current amplifiers many things are possible as the circuits may be used for a verity of different applications. Using this for solar charging was an idea I had for a very long time. I applied this technology with variations in the Solar Tracker 5 because of the stability in a single ended mode. The feedback of the circuit looks at the impedance of the batteries and then regulates to the proper voltage. In the amplifier the feedback is used to control the gain of the current being modulated. Meter indications in VU are showing the current being modulated within the regulator circuits and that current indicates how loud the amplifier is playing. Clipping level is far above the red indication of the meters that being 3 dB above full power. If the Linear current amplifier exceeds heat levels automatic shutdown will occur and current levels fall automatically to protect the device (thermal shutdown).
John Bedini Bedini Amplifiers
April 28-14 Copyright John Bedini

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