Electric OU: Supplement: Mean Well PSU Pilot LED Akula Perpetual Flashlight

A recent video uses the Mean Well PSU in a demonstration of a “self-looped” power source. I noticed the Green LED was ON at a certain stage in the demonstration and thought of a possible explanation.
DC, or even AC, supplied to the Output Terminals of such power supplies will light up the LED, which is simply in parallel with the DC output bus.
The PSU in the original video has been opened and may be altered internally; I believe it could contain a battery for the lights on the oscillator board. But unless it has been altered even more radically inside, I think the output and input terminals are as shown in the images of the PSU and similar ones from their data sheets. The WHITE wires are apparently connnected to the DC output terminals and the BLACK wires with switch are connected to the AC MAINS input to the PSU. So the whole system makes no sense. Unless the mains input to the PSU is being pulsed, it’s hard to see what the white wires could be doing. Or, if the output of the PSU is really DC through the White Wires, they could be biasing the core so that the windings on the Mystery Board side could be affected by this biasing. But the PSU is regulated; it is supposed to put out steady 5V whenever it is getting input voltage in its range, which is from 100 V to 250 V AC input. Below 100 V input it will either not put out anything or its voltage will sag and be unreliable.
So I dunno, the whole thing makes no sense to me (unless it is a blatant hoax, then it makes perfect sense.)

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