pt7 THE Slayer Exciter, Toroidal Capacitance, 3 Coil Style, 48 Blinding Lights I recently purchased the Slayer Exciter dual resonant kit that GBluer is selling, along with 3 sweet circuits and components except for the 48 LEDs.
Here I’m rocking the TMT with a PNP lol
This is the 1.5-12v PNP circuit he includes in the kit, runs really good! but you will get better readings from a fixed DC source, due to the AC waves that are running all throughout the circuit.
He has also added the topload hardware to add capacitance to the resonator, and here rather than tune down the primary frequency by adding parallel capacitance, I just added the primary and secondary from my older TMT experiments, and can now easily adjust the primary inductance to match the secondary and resonator combination.
The cool thing is since Its possible to take power from the coil directly, I basically have materials for 2 builds, and can have 2 different circuits to compare side by side!
Another thing is once you go 3 coils, it’s impossible to go back, going to try the other circuits next 🙂
Thanks again Gary for making these kits available!

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