Charging a crystal battery with candle

Note to self on the new Allwest crystal power cell 3-7-14
Continued direct short connection for 2 days, power levels bottom out and then stayed at around 50ma (shorted), the cell will self charge backup to around 350 ma after about 2 hours of resting
Charging crystal battery with candle
magnesium chargeable battery with candle
This was the 2 amp cell heated to a very high temp and let dry out completely
The cell was being charged under a direct short with candle, this cell when heated without direct short testing can reach 500ma very quickly
This is the first time one of the cells held a charge for a long time with very little self discharge, I think that sealing the point of connection to the magnesium helped
Other things noted on this cell is that you can charge this cell to 1.5 Amps in about 3 seconds with a high powered battery
So far this cell seems indestructible, extreme heat and extreme cold
Will charge with no moisture at all and charge with moisture at higher amps
Note: the volts have gone up on the dry cell not shown on video to above 2 volts, add moisture and the volts are around 1.7

Finally getting somewhere with usable power levels (Having some fun)

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