Electric OU: Ainslie Utterly Demolished

With one hand, yet.

Please pause the video and read the latest dump of logorrhea emitted by that remarkable organ, the Ainslie “brain”. Note her claims…. then continue to watch my refutation of every one of them… and I do it with one hand operating the camera.

The overweeningly arrogant and ignorant Rosemary Ainslie has finally made me blow my cool. Here you see a complete and total refutation of the outrageous claims made by her as to the operation of the circuit.

Here is most of her forum post that caused me to become so angry.

[quoting Rosemary AInslie] We claim that the Source Leg of Q2 is the path where voltage is applied directly to the Gate of Q1. This OVERRIDES the signal applied by the function generator. This then OPENS the gate at Q1. Current is then discharged in the usual way. But as it discharges this current flow, through the Source leg of Q1, so it DEPLETES or rather it CHANGES the potential difference stored on that element resistor. Then the applied signal can no longer override the signal from the function generator. Precisely because it’s depleted or changed – during that early discharge. Therefore this positive voltage – this signal – is systematically and gradually weakened. And the applied signal at the gate of Q1 then, and again, defaults to the function generator’s original setting. Which again interrupts that flow of current. Multiple paths are available for the second cycle of that counter electromotive force – or that ‘regeneration of current and voltage’ as we argue it – where current can flow through either or both of those MOSFET’s body diodes. The cycle is repeated. The oscillation persists.

So. If the Source Leg were NOT connected to the Gate of Q1 then it would NOT be able to apply that voltage potential to override the signal from the function generator. And we would INDEED have no oscillation. SO? Is he giving me yet MORE ammunition? Or is he simply and again being ‘HOISTED BY HIS OWN PETARD?’ Clearly. It’s BOTH. LOL
[end quote]

I demand an apology from the troll queen Ainslie… but I know I’m not going to get it, from that arrogant bloviating fool.

NOTE WELL: Ainslie has claimed falsely that the Q2 mosfets are DISCONNECTED during the oscillations and that there is no current path through the FG. Really. Her words. But in the recent post from her, anyone can see that she now claims that they must INDEED BE CONNECTED for the oscillations to occur. The connection she claims is needed is false, of course, but it is sufficient to note that she has CONTRADICTED herself, fatally.

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