pt2 TMT Tesla Magnifying Transmitter Slayer Exciter 24 hour Update

looking good, for some reason the operating current waveform thru the 1 ohm resistor has gone up from .442 A to .476 A , which can’t be the correct DC current, but interesting all the same.
going to wait for this one to go out and then charge it up with the other 1.5v i have, next step would be to play with higher voltages and special oscillators with buffered outputs.

( Update 02/26/2014 this ran for 55 hours on the 1.2 rechargeable 2300mAh AA battery, last measured dead operating voltage 1.124V
(from 1.2V original) using 41 mA @ 1.2V (not 1.5)
consuming 0.049 Watt,
while obtaining above 6 volts loaded Output and what i would consider full brightness on the 2V 20mA series LEDs. Requiring 0.240 Watt, based on that, a Cohered Energy Coefficient (CEC termed by Dr R. Stiffler) of 487%
(0.240 / 0.0492 = 4.87) (1=100% 4.87 = 487%)
Energy obtained from the Tesla tower @ this voltage

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