Electric OU: Reproduction of the Spurious Oscillations of Ainslie’s Figure 8 Scopeshot

As you see. High amplitudes of the Vbatt and Current Sense traces are easily obtained. My values would equal and even exceed Ainslie’s had I used a bit more inductance in the battery supply leads, 4 Q2s and 4 CSRs.

Rosemary Ainslie has been completely and totally wrong about the operation of “her” circuit, for years. Lately she has regressed to a point of lack-of-understanding even prior to her own demonstrations of June 29 and August 11, 2013 (see my playlists for the condensed versions of those demonstrations.)

She owes me an abject apology, many times over, and in any real world situation, she’d have to pay an EE consultant many hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the work I’ve done demonstrating and explaining “her” circuit … TO HER.

This latest item, a direct response to Ainslie’s ignorant and cynical challenge found here:
is four hundred dollars worth of my consulting time and effort.

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