Magnetic Resonance Amplifier: Experiment 1, Random Parts

Here I’ve taken the basic “Magnetic Resonance Amplifier” idea and approximated it with materials I had on hand.

The device does show some interesting effects. Are these different than one might get with a simple air- or saturated-core transformer and a capacitor ( instead of the piezo element) in series with its primary side?

I’ve placed two identical Red LEDs (10,000 mcd, 20 mA, 2.2 V fwd voltage, from SparkFun) in the circuit, one as the output load and the other simply in parallel with the whole device, across the input from the Function Generator. At the proper frequencies the “input” LED is dark and the “output” LED is brilliantly lit.

I am purposely NOT showing any instrumental measurements on this device during this video, so please don’t bug me about it. I’ll be making some real measurements later on, never fear. The Frequency measurements I cite in the video are from the Philips frequency counter, directly connected to the Function Generator.

Schematic at the end of the video.

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