Wesley Translate’s Akula video #13: Akula’s TPU part 2

Wesley Translate’s Akula video #13 of Akula’s TPU part 2
{that is a compilation of Akula original videos: of his TPU series till today}.The speed-up voice is done as I experiment with new editing software and really do not know how to use it. 🙂 The best is to use headset, or to change sound frequency to be able to listen to it more comfortable,
Plenty of important information about dynamic nature of the electrons or ions serving as medium instead of iron/ferrite core. It is more like ferrite of an antenna in old Radio-receiver. Permeability of the ferrite is bigger than 1 so it would be permeability of dynamic medium but vacuum electron beam or, no vacuum ion beam is easily tunable however for that to exist the HV is required.That also makes electrostatic field permanent.

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