Timbergiantbigfoot Hoax Proof – The Costume Revealed

Hey Dimbergiant, just come clean, your death gurgle is getting hard to listen to. Here’s a close-up look at the costume, no doubt at all:


Geez!…and here’s a close-up of a close proximity jogger caught on his vid:


This ship has sunk!

Bigfoot doesn’t wear costumes, and bears don’t either. No animal’s hide wrinkles like that 😉 100% hoax! Go see for yourself at 7:19 – 7:27 of his most recent vid. AND, he still hasn’t uploaded a fully unedited version…the volume was edited on this one…he’s still hiding that too. Nevertheless, timbergiantbigfoot’s most recent vid shows this to be a costume, and a hoax. 100% PROVEN! The show’s over, case closed. Open your eyes and go see for yourself. Finis!

Link to tgbf’s vid that shows the costume:


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