Knight Rider lights circuit – in a Hot Wheels

A project i’ve wanted to try for a long time..could a working circuit for the lights from the Knight Rider KITT fit in a HotWheels car ?
Yeah, kinda, at least in the slightly taller bodied ’69 Chevelle 🙂

Here’s the circuit and info:

The circuit’s main components are a 555 timer and 4017 Decade Counter chips.
Each pulse of the 555 counts as a +1 to the 4017, which then outputs to the LED’s.
6x3mm ultrabright blues are used here for the lights.
Power consumption is approx 20mA at 9V.
On 5V, the 2 outer LED’s flash on their own, like indicator lights !

— I changed 2 components of the original circuit diagram, to increase the slightly slow sequence rate. A 47K resistor from 68K and a 2.2uF capacitor from the 3.3uF —

Quite an effective little system, for something to fit inside a HotWheels car.
Next may be to fit small pieces of fiber optic strands and decrease the height somehow for the actual KITT model.
And perhaps to make a coil for this circuit to go underneath the body and make a wireless electric version.

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