Timbergiantbigfoot Hoax – Bogus Trademark and Threats

Comments on this video are back on…it seems the main troll coming with threats has changed his tune. Timbergiantbigfoot has NO registered trademark or copyright on any of his sideshow…proven!…go have a look for yourself, the link is below. Many of his videos display the banner, “reg.TM.”…to go along with his threatening video 1 week after the circus began. He LIES about the trademark/copyright and uses it as a tool against you…confirmed FACT. This proves without a doubt that he manipulates you in order to hide the truth (LIAR)…plain and simple. If anyone can prove this wrong, please do and I’ll remove this video…it won’t happen though, I’m certain of it…I exhausted those search topics. Does timbergiantbigfoot care about bigfoot truth?…answer…NO.

Here is a link to the Canadian Intellectual Property trademark/copyright search site:


Here is a link to timbergiantbigfoot’s video where he threatens trademark and copyright consequences. Be sure to read the info box on his vid as well…it’s a real doozy in light of all this:


Here is the channel “everybodyseye.” I will be replicating his discovery and making vids to show very soon…how to get free electricity:

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