alt.snakeoil Video Report 32b: Happy Fun Ball GravitoMagnetic Motor Record-Setting Run

The cheese just wasn’t cutting it, so I had to go to something hotter. The fresh green serranos are just right. Any faster and the ball would go off the track centrifugally.

I spent some time taking out the warps and levelling the thin plywood baseboard, and I found that the least bit of dust or grit on the track or the ball really degrades performance. I couldn’t get over 8 turns consistently with the system before this. I did do 45 turns after cleaning up, then I set up the camera to make this video.

There is still a bit of a bad rough spot just where the ramp meets the track. I need to get out the microballoons and mix up some epoxy filler. A pea-sized chunk glommed into the depression, then sanded down smooth, might do the trick for the track.

It’s really too bad that I can’t zoom out enough to get the whole circular loop in the frame, isn’t it? Oh well….. on the 19th of November it is possible that I will be able to reveal all …. just as soon as elecar produces the evidence in support of his own famous claims.

Honestly… it’s the same ball, the whole time. I hope that the video transcoding doesn’t hide the second hand of the Seiko chronograph; I wouldn’t want anyone accusing me of faking this video by splicing together the same loop over and over, like some people do. It’s hysterical… er, I mean historical.

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