Two JT Circuits In Parallel Test Rig

This is a test rig to allow 2 HV JT circuits to be placed in parallel. I can operate 1 JT circuit from 1 AA battery or, tie two JT circuits together from the single AA battery, or add in the second JT circuit powered by its own AA battery. The gutted Cree led bulb gets brighter upon adding the circuits together. I will do amp draw measurements in my next video, and also, will use a light meter to better show the progressive increase in brightness. I am also going to add more flash circuits to this board for future testing. Thank you for watching.

PS I have already learned that I do not need to ad additional batteries, I can just tie in more flash circuits in parallel to gain more light. I suspect that the amp draw does not double when adding another circuit but I will test this to see.

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