Electric OU: The Ainslie Quantum-17 Demo Kit 1 Dissected, and Donovan Martin Speaking

Rosemary Ainslie published an article in the October 2002 issue of Quantum Magazine, a technical newssheet. The article presented a particular schematic as the one used to make the data in the article, which also claimed astounding overunity ratios (COP) of over 17 to 1. However the schematic presented in the article cannot possibly attain the duty cycle and frequency combination claimed in the article.

Ainslie later claimed this apparatus was lost, and so she could not confirm the circuit, but she always claimed that the schematic in the article was the one used, in spite of getting plenty of feedback that it could not do what she claimed.

Now… in the past couple of weeks, the apparatus suddenly has been “found”! It was in her possession the entire time, in spite of what she and Donovan Martin have claimed (see the Donny’s Rap segment of the August 2013 demo to hear him claim this apparatus was lost.)

As if that weren’t enough, the schematic for the box, shown in the last few slides, does not correspond to the Quantum article, nor to any of the other schematics claimed for this apparatus at various times by Ainslie and Martin. These are also included in the last few slides. The box does not even have the same part number mosfet as the one that Ainslie has always specified: the box contains two mosfets, a P-channel one that has never been mentioned by Ainslie or Martin, and an N-channel IRFP450, not the IRFPG50 that she claimed to use. In spite of the similar part numbers the two parts have very different performance characteristics.

Furthermore…. the NE555N timer chip, manufactured by ST Microelectronics, bears a date code indicating it was manufactured in May of 2007. How does a part made in May of 2007 find its way into a box that was “lost” from 2003 until mid-2013? Gremlins?

This video is part of a continuing critical and forensic analysis of the Rosemary Ainslie phenomenon and the claims, mostly false, that she has made about her circuits. As such, I claim fair use of the materials within. No copyright violation is intended; this video is for educational use and critical review of the claims made surrounding the apparatus pictured. All of the images were originally posted publicly by Rosemary Ainslie herself in various forums and blog posts.

The schematic of the actual box that appears here was also presented publicly on Ainslie’s forum. It was reverse-engineered by S Weir, Rosie’s nemesis from the August 11 demonstration.

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