Extraction of the metal foil from a NiMH Double A battery – Part1/2

Today I wanted to extract a Nickel metal foil from a NiMH battery.
First I wanted to extract it from a D-Cell, but as you can see in my other video, in the D-Cell were only 2 double A NiMH cells..
So I finally opened up the Double A cell and could only find one metal foil…
Unfortunately the foil I extracted is probaly just the
stainless steel electron collector and not a Nickel foil !

See here in this picture;
it is the left foil with the holes in it.
The nickel-oxid-hydroxid electrode in my case was only a black-greenish powder WITHOUT a metal foil… maybe the foil was already gone, cause this was a dead battery which had no voltage anymore and was pretty old ??

I still have to open up a fresh NiMh battery and have to compare this…

Regards, Stefan.

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