Electric OU: Donovan Martin Discusses Ainslie’s Quantum Magazine Circuit

Please watch in HD so that the fine detail and the text are visible clearly.

This is an excerpt from “Donny’s Rap”, a section of the Demonstration performed by Rosemary Ainslie and Donovan Martin on June 29, 2013, where they showed that their published papers contain fabricated data and unsupported (and untenable) claims about their apparatus and their measurements.

In particular the scopeshot presented as their Figure 3, Paper 1 was shown to be impossible to produce under the conditions they claimed in the papers. (Yet it still remains included in them.)

This bit discusses the earlier, single-mosfet apparatus described in a Quantum Magazine article in the October 2002 issue.

Ainslie has claimed for years that that apparatus was lost, and you hear Martin claiming the same thing here, but just a few days ago she reported finding it in her son’s shed.

Transcript: (DM = Donovan Martin, RA = Rosemary Ainslie

DM: I effectively mm mm met Rosemary in about 2000, round about then, and at that time the instrument that was available was the (unintelligible), a, it’s not here today, it’s one with a real wound element is effectively roughly as I recall 8 winds, in fact, just to digress it’s the one in Quantum magazine, the referenced there (?).
And um effectively what it was it was a wound coil around this ceramic core with a platinum-based thermocouple ahm, mounted in the center. The objective behind(?) the test was simply not to scrutinize measurements. (blank) opinion always. That’s always easy to argue measurements on the scope, from one scope to another, one can argue for days and years to come. Ahm, knowing that, ahm, I think what Rose has been trying to achieve, up to, to now was ah to show some of the waveforms which at times obviously could be very difficult. Because of the simplicity of the circuit, makes it very difficult to obviously achieve (emphasis original) certain fine settings. And ahm, going back, back in history what was done back then was simply a Joule test, and of course Joules doesn’t lie. Ahm, there was a control circuit, I’m sure everyone actually, watching (unintel) moment is probably aware of what was done… there was a Control, and then there was the actual Apparatus that was tested against the Control. And in every single instance it outperformed the control by Days. And this obviously was monitored (?) recorded by our local CSIR, and of course BP, and I think it’s actually made mention, (unintelligible) I happened to witness the original test at the time as well.
Now the Apparatus has left for California many years ago, and never returned, unfortunately. Now you can take my word on that. (?) ABB Labs, and ahm (unintelligible) up to today, no word, other than the three scientists who originally ah, witnessed the test, and vetted (?) the results were fired two-three months therafter.
So. In the interim there was a second device, which was built, because one was wont to do that. Ahm, the device again was tested, um, at this point, interest was lost. In, in this particular device. Um, to the point where BP actually offered a bursary through our local university

RA: (Hisses) SASOL

DM: Er, SASOL rather. Ahm, offered us bursaries, (to take it?) further. No one unfortunately came to the fore, to take up the challenge. And it’s been ahm, it’s been a passion of Rosemary’s since then. Remember, for her it’s not about the electrical circuits, it’s about her Field Model, in terms of what she’s trying to achieve …
(end transcript)

No documentation of any “accreditation” or “Vetting” by SASOL, BP, ABB, CSIR or ANY OTHER AGENCY OR INDIVIDUAL has ever been offered or presented by Ainslie or Martin over the years. Nobody outside the Ainslie group has ever come forward with any confirmation of these tests.

It is claimed that nobody even wanted the “bursary offered”. I believe this offer was made, if it was actually made, to help a student to take up the project in Gaunt’s Electrical Engineering class for a term project. But apparently nobody took the bait. Again, beyond the Project Description that Gaunt offered his EE class (shown in this video) no documentation of this “bursary offer” has been presented by Ainslie and Martin. And I had to dig up even that much on my own!


Everything these people say has to be checked against external data and references.

Without documentation, they are just making it up. We have seen many examples of claims that Ainslie and Martin have made which, on examination, turn out to be untrue, like the Figure 3 scopeshot, the crazy math, and the case of the Missing Apparatus. So if they want to claim accreditation or vetting, let them produce the reports.

“Screenshot or it didn’t happen.”

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