Joule Thief Power Tube

Tinsel Koala (TK) at tossed out an idea to have a JT circuit using a battery as the core. I thought this to be a brilliant idea. It probably still is…however, I have a short or some other problem in my device and the transistor gets hot and 0 output! I am using the Jeanna circuit with a tip 3055 trans. I have tried removing the battery and using an air core, an iron core….still nothing. I tried another transistor from a different source. I tried it without the magnets for the connections…still the same. I was hoping that we might see some inductive feedback to the battery that might help in output or longevity. Oh well, I will figure this out eventually. I hope others try this as it is a very promising idea in my opinion. Thanks to TK for this great idea. Check out his videos as he has hundreds of them and they are great. This is the Jeanna circuit using the TIP 3055 transistor with 400 winds of #26 mag. wire, 13 turns of # 22 wire and 3 turns of #22 and a 22 ohm resistor. I respect folks that post videos of their failures and this is one of mine.

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rangkaian joule thief

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