Electric OU: Supplement: IRFPG50 N-Channel MOSFET Gate Threshold Voltage

Here I show the simple DC Gate Threshold Voltage test for the IRFPG50 n-channel MOSFET.

It is pretty easy to see that a voltage fluctuating around 4 volts on the gate is sufficient to get partial turnon of the IRFPG50 power mosfet. Quite a bit of turn on, in fact. But of course when the mosfet is only partly on, it has a high internal resistance and so it must dissipate more power within itself. The transistor in this test became uncomfortably warm to the touch.

This of course once again soundly refutes yet another silly claim made by Rosemary Ainslie and Donovan Martin in their demonstrations, forum posts, experiments and papers.

(Donovan Martin certainly knows better and can be heard explaining to Ainslie the gate threshold turnon of the mosfet in the “swan song” clip…. but he permits his name to remain on the papers which make the absurd claims implicitly and explicitly.)

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