Electric OU: Supplement: What Does the Ainslie – Martin CVR Shunt Actually Measure?

What does the Current Viewing Resistor “shunt” actually measure in the Part 4 circuit and in the Donovan Martin – Rosemary Ainslie circuit?

Does it measure current through the load? Through the Drain-Source loop of the mosfets concerned? For the Q1 ON portions of the duty cycle, the answer is yes, mostly. For the Q2 oscillating portions ….. the answer is most certainly NO.

Please compare the diagrams shown at the links below.

Correct Martin-Ainslie schematic:


Pop Quiz schematic:


The actual position used by the Martin-Ainslie team for the Black FG lead creates the return current path from the Source of the mosfet to the Negative Rail of the circuit, through the 50 ohm impedance of the FG itself. This current path _bypasses_ the CVR shunt completely, and there really is no current path through the CVR shunt during the Q2 oscillations. The CVR only shows real current when the Q1 mosfet is actually ON.

Everything shown in the CVR during Q2 oscillations….. all of it….. is RF pickup and/or gate leakage through the capacitances of the mosfet itself.

The Rosemary Ainslie – Donovan Martin data is 100 percent INVALID and is totally misinterpreted and misrepresented by them. The claims based on this data are bogus and must be withdrawn; the papers bearing this spurious data must be retracted, errata issued, and apologies made to all the people that Ainslie has insulted and slighted over the years.

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