Electric OU: Supplement: Driving a MOSFET by LOWERING SOURCE VOLTAGE Part 2

Please watch Part 1 first.

Here I’ve just removed the bias battery and potentiometer and hooked up my Interstate F43 function generator (FG) instead.

Note several things.

First, the FG output clipping at -4 volts when driving the mosfet this way. Does that look familiar to anyone?

Second, there is not any difficulty turning on the mosfet in this manner at all. But where is the current return path for the current lighting the bulb?

Answer: through the FG’s internal 50 ohm impedance.

Yes, that’s right: the FG is not only acting as a negative bias current supply, but it is also completing the circuit for the main battery to light up the light bulb.

This of course _once again_ soundly refutes a handful of claims made by Rosemary Ainslie and Donovan Martin in the manuscripts that bear their names as author and co-author.

I am listening for their apologies for their insults to me, and their retractions of their bad data, schematic mistakes, and false claims, or their refutations of my demonstrations …. and I hear only the sound of crickets chirping.

Next in Part 3: adding another transistor.
(EDIT: Sorry, got sidetracked. The second transistor is demonstrated in Part 5, not uploaded yet. I would like to collect some comments on the series up to Part 4 before I show part 5.)

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