Electric OU: Ainslie Demo Highlights 5: Donny’s Rap

Rosemary Ainslie’s June 29th 2013 demonstration had some truly terrifying moments, moments of great pathos and humanity. It appears that our South African friends are people after all. I can almost hear the violins. Over the laughter, that is.

Or are they? Have we heard the actual truth? We have heard these lettered agencies and “bursary awards” mentioned before…. but we have never seen a single report, not a piece of paper or even an email, corroborating the story. Not one.

And Donny’s rap sure makes it sound like the electronic part of the farce isn’t even Ainslie’s full responsibility.

So he’s like a one-eyed man, leading a blind old woman, and he’s left her out front holding the bag where she has had to be the “front man” for the whole thing but it is really _his_ circuit built to “prove” _her_ “thesis”. Or that is how it seems to me after four years and her two demos.

I am not responsible for the ridiculously poor quality of the NERD’s video broadcast. They used a _cellphone_ to do the video. Talk about contempt for their audience! Can you imagine, a four hour demonstration, videoed with a handheld cellphone?

Well… apparently neither could they because there’s a great long gap, over an hour, of completely dead air in that four hours, with no explanation or apology.

Well, I’m sorry for them.

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