Electric OU: Ainslie Demo Highlights 3: Making Figure 3, Attempt 1

The NERDs first attempt to reproduce Figure 3 from Rosemary Ainslie’s Paper 1.

I apologise in behalf of the NERDs for the miserable quality of their presentation, even though I had nothing to do with it. It’s embarrassing to me to be hosting this stuff, but somebody has to do it. They used a _cellphone_ camera to make this demonstration. The audio and video are always dropping out, the focus is bad even when it’s stable, the cellphone operator doesn’t seem to know what to focus on or how to make the camera look at what is interesting….. gaah. I did my best to extract the few significant segments from the four-hour demonstration (that had a big mysterious segment of dead air in the middle, where they just put down the phone, and in a few minutes turned it off, without even saying goodbye. But then after over an hour of dead air… Mister Weir turns up and takes charge. Respect! I don’t know you, Weir, but I admire your patience and your skill at handling this bunch of…. er….. researchers.

The Weir segment is longer and will take a while to upload. Stay tuned and do watch the Weir bit when it’s available.

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