Electric OU: Ainslie Demo Highlight 8: Mister Weir Takes Charge

This is the last segment. Some 40 minutes or so of something actually worth paying attention to, at the last hour of the four-hour “live” demo that had over an hour of dead air.

DISCLAIMER: The audio and video problems are AS ORIGINALLY STREAMED by the Donovan Martin-Rosemary Ainslie Team. This is just a clip, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for their errors and bad presentations. They used a cellphone to present this important demonstration!

S. Weir shows up. Apparently they have been talking with one another off-air, as well, because they seem to pick up in mid-conversation. Mr Weir clearly knows his stuff and is good at talking to small children and making them cooperate. Nevertheless he nearly loses it a couple of times, when it is like pulling teeth to get them even to count graticule lines for him! By this time in the demo, Donny is starting to act a little passive-aggressive. I can almost see the lower lip pout and the stomping foot.

But Weir manages to get them to set up and make the four or five critical scope captures….. after three hours and thirty minutes of flailing on their part….. and even that is like plowing sand with a stick. Weir seems to come close to losing it a couple of times, you can hear in his voice the edge where he is just about to break out in hysterical laughter or curses.

These Ainslie people would rather talk than listen, that is clear, and they have no qualms at all about wasting the time of thousands of other viewers all at once.

And then…. in mid sentence, literally…. just as the real discussion is about to begin…. the feed cuts off and the Publicly Visible part of the “demonstration” is over. Just like that.

I think that the main things this demonstration actually demonstrated are that Ainslie, Donovan Martin, and the rest of the NERD RATs have contempt for their audience, don’t care about anything but stroking each other’s egos, and couldn’t put on a coherent demonstration of an ice-cream dispenser, much less a COP INFINITY device.

If it weren’t for S. Weir’s presence and firm control in the last half hour, there would be nothing at all salvageable from this dog-and-pony show from Ainslie. Nothing. But at least he got them to save the critical screens.

Of course this could have been done in the first ten minutes of the four hour timewaster, if Ainslie and Martin had the least clue about what they are supposed to be doing.

Where are these scope screen captures today, I wonder? Will we ever get to see them and discuss and analyze them? Were they even successfully made? I for one would not trust Donny to operate a pencil sharpener, after this display of his button-pressing and knob-turning “skills”.

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