Electric OU: Ainslie Demo Highlight 6: Ainslie Swan Song, Darren Checks In

DISCLAIMER: The audio and video problems are AS ORIGINALLY STREAMED by the Donovan Martin-Rosemary Ainslie Team. This is just a clip, I am NOT RESPONSIBLE for their errors and bad presentations. They used a cellphone to present this important demonstration!

In which we hear a lot of protestation from Rosemary Ainslie herself. Please pay careful attention to what she says, how she says it, and what she does not say.

Darren comes into the conversation with some attempts at making the NERDs focus and stick with the purpose of the demonstrations, but apparently getting the “team” to shut up and listen and pay attention is harder than herding cats. A classroom of eighth-graders would have been more respectful and cooperative than this lot of clowns.

Of course maybe cultural expectations are different in South Africa. Do people not stop talking long enough to listen, down there?

Ainslie tries to pretend that an 8 volt gate signal with “some” current in Q1 is “close enough” to the Figure 3 scopeshot with 12 volts n the gate and zero drain current……. and in her weak mind it might actually be.

But we understand the real issue: the inability of the NERDs to reproduce a fundamental data set shows that the device was malfunctioning or deliberately “faked” when the original “data” was recorded, and the claims and conclusions are therefore invalid and must be retracted.

For the NERDS to do anything else would be pseudoscientific misconduct of the most hilarious kind.

Fail flail and bail: Here Ainslie and the NERDs are past the “fail” stage and are deep into “flailing”.

She whines, wheedles, protests, tries to get angry, threatens to run away with her toys…. she tries everything but real tears in an attempt to divert focus from the main issue: the claims without support, the bogus data, the inability of Donovan Martin to reproduce the scopeshot she said was so easy to do.

Donovan Martin has his good name on a set of papers that are nothing more than complicated wishful thinking fabrications, as today’s demonstration proves. They cannot, in four hours of trying, even come close to reproducing the Figure 3 scopeshot, unless they “fake” the probe position or have a blown or missing mosfet.


This was supposed to be a demonstration of Fire 2.0 or something, and instead we have to pick your damp fag ends out of the urinal.

Metaphorically speaking of course.

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