3 rotor resonance – with a twist

Video for Lidmotor, Prof Jones and others interested currently in magnetic resonance.
These 3 rotors are on my experiments table, under the 13W CFL.
The first rotor is powered by a small solar panel and ‘Dancing Flower’ circuit…it’s been running for a few months now (2 magnets and 2 transistors as counter weights). All magnets on this one are South outward.

The 2nd is an unpowered rotor – all magnets are North outward
The 3rd is an unpowered rotor – all magnets are South outward

I found it fascinating, how the 2 unpowered rotors can actually spin in the same direction !
Plus, that the outer one is actually turning at twice the speed of the other 2.

The rotors are semi-levitated, being pulled upward toward the magnets, with just the pin points as a contact at the bottom.

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