Still going at 3 months + updates

Bit of a dark video, but it shows quite the landmark for my own self made battery cells.
The Pressure Cell made back in February is still going 🙂

Also still running are the graphite resistor cell (containing chili powder), Nephilim Penny (which runs on plain water) and the carbon/lead cell.
All circuits are LED blocking oscillators, able to run at uA from around 0.45V.

Pressure Cell, Feb 20th, 2013:
Graphite resistor cell, March 9th 2013:
Carbon/lead cell, Dec 4th, 2012:
All oscillators run 24/7

The pressure cell dropped from the output of February after a couple of weeks, to the level shown today…it just keeps running and perhaps the warmer weather is now helping it along.

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